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News: My dear friend Looby Macnamara has written a new book Cultural Emergence. I have been honored to be connected with this work from the start. Like myself, many others are inspired and supported in strengthening our path to live in a regenerative spirit. Let us strengthen this cultural change and be part of the emergence of a world that is kinder and a humanity that considers all beings in their presence here on earth. We are the younger species, all beings are our kin and ancestor, let us honor life and heal where needed. Here is a lovely video of Looby explaining more about Cultural Emergence Looby’s video

This page will inform English speaking friends about who I am and where I am bringing my energy to at the moment. You will also find some testimonials. Here you can read a recent interview with me for the Work That Reconnects website: Featured Facilitator

Hi, My name is Manon Danker. I am a sociologist and environmentalist with emphasis on deep ecology. I worked in environmental rehabilitation and wildlife protection in nature reserves in Indonesia and Peru and am involved in nature awareness education in The Netherlands. I experienced the challenges between humanity and nature very closely. Hearing mother nature’s call and not letting go of my own hope for Earth and humankind has kept me on a continuous journey to stay present. 

I am inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Nature is my wisdom keeper, medicine, solace and companion. I dedicate myself to the healing of the connection between humanity and all beings. In 2015 I completed the facilitators training with Joanna Macy.  For me it is a powerful toolkit to come together, heal our relationship with ourselves, humankind and Earth, nourish active hope and celebrate the wonder of life. I am delighted to be available to facilitate workshops in The Work That Reconnects.

Here you find a personal portrait of Joanna Macy Befriending our Despair


What do you think this work can offer people and how has the facilitation been for you?

“A tangible re-connection to self and nature. It offers insight into our own hearts and minds that I feel enriched to have discovered. It offers an opportunity to find ones inner voice and this is an empowering experience. It offers the space to share deep fears, wounds and pain.”

The facilitator was sensitive and supportive with an intuitive sense of the inner state of each individual. The consequence of this was a safe environment, one did not have to explain oneself, the level of understanding was so knowing. The facilitator also shared and participated much and this also made the experience a comfortable one. ”

Maria Young, Ireland, Participant 2018

” I knew of Joanna Macy, but encountered the Work that Reconnects through Manon. She first told me about it and I later attended an introduction workshop which she facilitated. 

Within the work I was struck by both the acknowledgement that human life is only a part of a wider web of life and the deep respect for both humans and all other life forms we are connected to. It felt both confrontational and strangely liberating to have the threats to life acknowledged so thoroughly (i.e. pollution; we all carry toxic compounds in our body, rising temperatures with its unpredictable results). I felt it going against my desire to continue with ‘business as usual’. At the same time it does justice to our current reality. It was deeply moving to do exercises where we acknowledged the presence of each other, as people living in a time of grave uncertainty yet choosing to acknowledge this and not give up on life. It felt good then to move to exploring our possibilities and resources and concrete steps forward. It felt like quite a complete circle; of acknowledging our current situation and being with what is, followed by moving on to how to move forward in our own lives/communities.
Within this work I felt Manon is both a knowledgeable and sensitive guide. She catered to both individual and group needs and struck a good balance between respecting the gravitas of what we were working with, with having a comfortable and good experience.”
Verena van den Berg, artist and facilitator (www.verenavuori.com) Participant 2017